Tuesday, May 7, 2013

 A difficult time of year is now, your birthday, followed by Mother's Day...so many moments throughout the years that I think of you and miss you...I know those moments I am missing you, you are looking down at me, "checking" on me...I know you are proud of the progress I have made...you were always here...but I quickly remember where you are, Who you are with...and soon I will join you...and I rejoice!  
                                                                                                       Happy Birthday Mom!  We love and miss you, we'll see you in a few!  ♥

(Some flower bouquets for you, though I know these pale in 

comparison to the ones you see!)



This picture was posted on facebook and has been going around quite quickly, touching hearts as Mother's Day draws near.  As a former caregiver of my mom, it tells the story very well.  Treasure your mom, and be prepared...  One of my blog posts talks about becoming my mom's parent, well as you can see there is a role reversal, and that reversal takes on many tasks.  I continue to be a caregiver to another sweet lady, who will turn 100 this summer!  A privilege, once again to take care of someone in their last years and help make life as comfortable as possible before they pass on.  Can't wait for her and mom to meet, I'm sure they will compare notes on me!  Haha!