Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Year(s) of the In-Home Caregiver and Companion Have Begun

Last month, August 16th, was the year anniversary, if that is what you would call it, that mom went home.  I decided that on that day I would once again host another blogtalkradio show,  I felt it was time to take a more active role in the caregiving and aftercaregiving communities once again.  Although I don't have the hours to spend on writing/blogging/talk show hosting, as I did when caring for mom. 

Back in November, I hosted my last show for a time.  I found that once all the memorials for mom were completed, I needed to step back and heal, and also try and figure out what was next for me.  I needed to see who I was, now that I was no longer a caregiver.  I knew that I didn't want to go back to the world of retail and management, that is what I did for almost 20 years, so what now if not that? 

Earlier this year I began to get my resume updated and started putting my info online at various retail web sites.  Not what I wanted to do, but I needed to do something to bring in a supportive income now that I no longer was tied to the house.  I decided one day to check into in-home caregiving.  Well, surprising to me, I found employment immediately as a in-home caregiver and companion!  It was a shoe that fit and fit well.  I still needed to be a caregiver, it was a piece that was missing since mom passed away.  I need to care for the elderly.  It shocked many when I told them I was once again a caregiver, but yet those that really knew me, were not shocked at all.  

I want to continue working on my blog sites from time to time, updating, sharing.  I am also working on my next blogtalkradio show for this month.  I hope to be able to do at least one a month now.  I am going to start with a discussion of the early stages of dementia, and also do some comparisons of how one person reacts in the different stages, compared to another.  Home care is where I want to stay, at least for now.  It is very needed, very necessary, to help someone stay in their home as long as possible, or as in mom's case, until she passed away to her heavenly home.

I stated during my show that the "caregiver coat" I put on along time ago, was still a good fit, and I expect it will be for awhile!    

This is one of my "love Mom..." designs I did for my store merchandise.  Here is the link to the store...
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