Monday, September 6, 2010

The Question Answered

I have asked myself this question countless times through my life, why I was I born so many years after my brothers and sisters?  Mom would call me "her extra special little something later in life", or something close to that anyhow!  But I did not feel special.
Recently during a lunch conversation with a new friend, I was talking about mom and my brothers and sisters, and the many  years that separated us in age.  As I was sharing, the pieces all came together in one powerful revelation moment, that gave meaning to my life up to this point.
Mom was 38 when she had me, which was 9 years after the youngest of the first 4.  Such age differences meant I spent most of my younger years alone.
I  had worked in nursing homes years before, so I did have some background in caring for the elderly.  I was young enough and strong enough to care for mom, plus had the "clinical" skills as well. 
Now, the rest of the story is that I was the one to help mom through her last days, and moments.  To sit and hold her hand, encourage her on, and watch her take her last she enters heaven....where she would see daddy after 40 years, on his birthday!  More wonderful even then that was that I helped her to finally see the One that we all yearn for, Jesus
There was no one else in my family that would have or could have done all that needed to be done, through these last years, except me.  So, this is why God chose me and why He chose the day for me to be born.  He chose me to be that person to help mom go home!
Now, for the next part of my journey....
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  1. I really understand everything you're saying in this post. It's like reading my own story. My mother was 32 when I was born (I thought she was ancient as I was growing up).... my bother was 5 years older than me, and we had nothing in common as children.
    I too was my mother's caretaker for many years, and so grateful that I was there with her and for her to the very end and beginning of her new 'forever life'.
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. It is so good to see you Donna I have watched every day for your return.
    Yes God has a plan for us all and that was the plan for you.
    The pieces always fit and it takes a while for us to put them all together.
    I have said before how fortunate your Mom was to have you- what would have been her fate otherwise.
    I hope your journey now is a peaceful one and that you can look to do some of the things YOU need and want to do. Take things slowly and gently and accept all the emotions that may tumble your way but be assured that there are people out here who care for you.xx

  3. I have always thought the same thing. I was meant to do this. It is what I have always done. My dad was a truck driver and out of town for weeks. All my brothers and sister were out of the house most of my life. It was always mom and me and still is.