Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thought This Was It......

I just realized I had not written about mom being sick and near death these last couple weeks.  Two Sundays ago, she started having a real deep congested cough.  I called for the weekend nurse to come and check her out, everything was good except for that coughing.  The next day, her regular nurse came to see her.  Mom was virtually unresponsive, no movement, it took some doing to get her to wake up but she was pretty out of it.  She was running a low fever also.  The coughing wasn't constant but it sounded awful when she did.  There was no eating that day for her, and she was put on antibiotics.  Well, between prayer and the medicine, she began to immediately turn around for the better.  I could tell the next day, Tuesday, that she was improving and she continued to do so each day after.  The whole ordeal was very emotional and stressful, it got me into the "death" mode and I began to do some more planning and prep for that time.  Which is good to do these things before the actual event takes place.  I ordered photo cards that are the size of business cards, with a pic of her from her last birthday on them and on the back is the poem I wrote for her and dad called Reunited.  They will be inclosed in a memorial card that I am making.  And I made and ordered 4 photo books to pass out to those who have been the most involved with us during this caregiving time.  I have received all these already, still have to finish the card though, and I will order some more of the photobooks next month.  Anyhow as of today, 7-24, mom is doing well, still some congested coughing, but it is not real bad, and she has not been running a temp for about a week or so.  It was a rough time for awhile there, but mom is a fighter, and she always has come out of  whatever situation she might be going through.....except dementia.


  1. Wow. I hadn't known.
    Gosh, that's hard. Preparing....being so near it.... and everything being decently well right now.

  2. So glad she came out of it. I know how stressful it was for you. I have alot of moms planning done. But I need to do more. It sucks to do but you have gave me some nice ideas. Blessing coming you way always.

  3. Beka, yeah, this happened the afternoon of the Sunday I was last at church, came home to tend to her and started hearing this awful deep congested cough, that wasn't there when I left in the morning! Thank the Lord she has come out of it! That is not how she was to leave!

    Karen, glad to hear your mom is better too. The planning for mom is more minimal, on the creative side. I am not having a service for her, so I am having these special keepsakes made for people.