Friday, July 9, 2010

Embarking on Another Adventure!

I am embarking on another adventure in the land of caregiving.  It seems that one of the things, almost the primary thing, that helps me through each day and into the next, is when I have a purpose and project to work on.  These past months it has been such a struggle to stay "up".  I get lonely and bored, feeling without purpose and not being able to utilize the skills I have, which is life-giving to me.  Helping Denise Brown of with her online store has been a big help, but once it is is done lol.  Then what?  I can't write a blog everyday because things just don't happen everyday that are newsworthy!  This is my first and primary blogsite, but I also have another that I add informational articles on caregiving to, Caregivers Not Alone. I want to be able to personally visit local caregivers, who have been isolated like I was for so long.  This site is addressed to their needs.  The thing is, I have not found anyone yet that I can visit!  So, it has been a bit of a downer for me.  Then the other day I had another "idea"!  I have set up a blogtalkradio show, which I will host!  Hhmmmm, what have I gotten myself into now?!  Well, it is called, of course, The Bear Hug Waltz!  I am going to start with my very first blog post, and read them over the air, and add some comments as I go along.  My first show, sounds funny, lol, is on Thursday, August 5th at 10:00 a.m.!  So, I have to fine tune my plan, which I don't have to much left to do, then promote it wherever I can, and I will be ready to go!  I thought well, when this is done with, then what?  Duh!  I will schedule a show each week of course!  I have a lot of blog posts to cover, and most people have not read the earlier ones, which are quite significant.  They are the beginnings for me, of what was to come and I want to share them.  So this is something that I can work on every week and I think it will help me.  I am also looking into being a ChaCha guide, lol which is a human search engine basically.  It is something I can do right here, and bring in some money.  So, will be making a decision on that soon. Update on mom:  her health is still good, she is basically bedbound now, it has become to difficult to get her up even once a day at this point, more so for her then me. But I am so concerned with her being injured, especially putting her back into the bed. If I do get her up, she will usually not even stay sitting upright or stay awake for even an hour.  It is alot to go through for such a short amount of time, and risk possible injury to her.  Soo, many conflicting thoughts and emotions flying around inside me, most of which I cut off quick and stuff down deep, have to, for now.
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  1. I get you on the "noteworthy" reason for not blogging....though I always have art to catch up on posting:)

  2. Busy ,busy girl. I have no time for anything. And you are going all the time. I do get bored and than when it is time to do something for mom I just want to take a nap. Good luck with all your projects. Everything you do turns out great.

  3. Please don't stop blogging Donna; every post is a support to others.
    Good for you that you still have the emotional energies to want to do more. Good luck with the radio in fact good luck with everything you attempt. You deserve to achieve results for the efforts you put in.
    Can I ask is it a little easier for you now that Mum is more or less bed bound? I wonder if you can relax a little more because you know she is safe? Just a thought?
    Keep posting cos I will keep reading............

  4. I always enjoy reading your blog.... so please keep up the good work.
    Best of luck on your upcoming projects. Keep us up to date on your plans.

    I understand so many of your giving is a stressful and lonely job.

  5. thanks all, I have to keep busy, I hate to stagnate...and most of what I know at this stage in life has to do with caregiving, so that is what I write and pursue. I stay on that path and go through whatever door, idea or opportunity that presents itself. I am looking into something different though and that is to be an Expediter for ChaCha Search, make some money and fill up more time! Done all the preliminary stuff now just have to take the final test, and pass it! Only 1 shot at it! lol