Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July and Mom's Tuna Macaroni Salad - Repost

Fourth of July memories, the assembling together of the Jackson and Picknell clan at Uncle Jack and Aunt Peg’s farm, which later became the campgrounds. Tables and set up outside, filled with every kind of picnic food you can name. Grills going for the burgers and dogs…don’t think we did brats in those days. Geez that sounds like it was eons ago…but in a way it is.

Games would be played, bat mitten, croquet and so on. The usual bunch of cousins would go explore the wonders of the woods, crossing the creek by shimmying over a fallen log, or trekking through the hollow and jumping onto the tiny island nestled in the creek bed there.

The nieces and nephews all babies and toddlers then, now adults with children of their own. The cousins, many of us close in age, now with adult children AND grandkids! An unfortunate thing that the tradition of these 4th of July family gatherings, could not have passed on to each generation to come. But as time has it, age takes over, property is sold, families spread out and go different directions in life, seldom seeing each other again.

One of the things I always looked forward to every 4th of July, besides going to the parade, the activities at the picnic, and fireworks in the evening, was my mom’s tuna macaroni salad! A favorite of mine to this day. I have made it for years, sometimes varying the ingredients according to the tastes of those who would be eating it. But the one and true original, mom’s recipe, has been and always will be the favorite, the one I measure all tuna macaroni salads against…and none compare to her’s! (7-05-09)

7-2-10  I saw this pic when I was looking for some 4th photos to use, and I remembered the Doll Buggy Parades, held on or around the 4th.  I was in some of them riding my pimped out trike lol.  Never won the prize, but it was  a fun thing, distant memories. I don't think they hold them here in town anymore, would be a shame if they didn't.  Kids feel important, special, in their own little parade.


  1. It's wonderful to go back in time. How often do we take (or have) the time to sit and remember those happy days. Sometimes its because the people who shared those memories are no longer here and can't jolt your memory. Love the trike outfit Donna; am sure I have must have done something similar on Coronation Day but haven't got a pic to show.
    Ice cream- that is my food memory when my Dad would take the biggest bowl out to the "van" in the street and get it filled with the creamiest ice cream and raspberryest sauce.............

  2. lol actually the picture of the little girl I found on the internet, but it just brought those memories of my being in the little doll buggy parades! Oh! Your icecream just reminded me of another thing. Those who participated in the doll buggy parades, always got a box of Cracker Jacks! Hated the nuts! Still do lol but always dug for the toy right away!

  3. Such sweet and fun memories you have. Hoping you had a wonderful and memorable 4th weekend!