Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blog Award! Happy 101!

This was sent to me by an amazing  young woman from my church, who I refer to as Laura Wilder!  Rebekah has one of the most lovely and coffee/tea obsessed blogs I have yet to come across!  She is amazing, you will be missing out on a special experience if you do not check out her blog!

Ok!  Now for the big picture?!

I must share 10 favorite things of mine...not sure if that is easy or hard!  But, here goes, and in no particular order!

Well first has to be the favorite sons, of which there are 4, as those of you who read my Meet The Family blog know!
(grouping the family pics a bit, not listing as individuals)

left to right - Dion, David, Daniel


And of course the favoritest of favorites are known as the grandkids!

The oldest to the youngest......

Christina, Alyssa, Deryck and Darin

Tai, Aeryn, Trent and Bradford

The Youngest, 12 weeks old!

My college diploma!  I received this in 2009 after 2 years of college!

My very bestest favorite caregiving friend.....Donna, otherwise lovingly referred to as New Yawker!

Photography, places I've been, nature in particular!
The California coast!

                                    #6   Music!
Contemporary Christian - Praise and Worship
Country - Bluegrass
Opera - Jazz
and I love to sing!

#7  Having BIG Dreams!

#8 PURSES!!! The bigger the better! This beauty was given to me by my oldest granddaughter!

#9 The biggest bestest pancakes made by a super special lady from church just for me!

and last but certainly not all....number 10...


Oo Oo!  I must add one more favorite!
My little Sam!  We kept Sam from the litter we had because he was a special needs kitty.  He had a curved spine, was smaller and slower developing then the others.  Samson, strong and mighty, roars like a lion!  Now he is extraordinary and wonderful!

Sam is on the right side, his sister Lilu (who we are kitty sitting for) is on the left!

Now my recommendations for this highly sought after award are:    

by caregiver Donna
Donna, caregiver to her mom, is truly an inspiration to us caregivers, funny and poignant, always there for you with the right word!  She's my bestest New Yawker caregiver friend!

by caregiver Karen
Karen and I share very much the same experiences with our moms right now, and we will be looking out our windows on Memorial Day.....

by caregiverr Vicky
Josephina is a joy to read about, she loves to dance and sing praises to God!

by caregiver Dolores
A beautiful love story between a wife and her husband, beautiful photos of past and present, garden delights!

by caregiver Judy
Chrissy has beautiful white hair and loves to make popcorn the old fashioned way on the stove!  Judy needs a lift right now as her mom is showing decline.

There are so many caregivers that are deserving of an award, to choose just a handful it very difficult.  My love and respect go out to all of you!

Ok now for your assignment!  Copy the picture of Happy 101 and post it in your award post, add a link to my blog, tell everyone of 10 of your favorite things, and then list at least 5 bloggers deserving of the Happy Blog Awards and links to each of them! 

                                Have fun and congrats to all!


  1. Thank you so much for the award. You deserve it forsure. Not so sure about me but thank you again . It is a great honor to be in such good company.

  2. Yay! Cool! You got it posted;)
    See you tomorrow--loved reading about your 10 fav things:D

  3. What a neat surprise - thank you!

  4. You got some cute pictures.