Friday, March 12, 2010

What's Up With Me?

It has been a what's up with me kind of week. I have new blogs I want to write, titles already in place, but just can't get my thoughts in order to finish them.

Wanting a bedroom and bed is weighing on me this week too.

Spring is coming one of my favorite seasons, but along with it comes another dimension of loneliness and sadness. Where the multitudes are enjoying the warmer temps, bar-b-cues are being held, festivals and picnics are being enjoyed, and the quiet and isolation intensifies in this house. Yay, I will get to open windows and doors, and air this place out (from smells unmentionable!), but it adds to the knowing of what is going on outside and what people get to enjoy that I don't and haven't for sometime.

Mom will be 96 in May....

Choir will be over this month with our Easter Program, then there will be no getting away on Monday nights, just every other Sunday.

Mom's bones show more and more as the days pass....hard to tend to her and see and feel them.

(Sigh) Winter blahs, as many get, for me have to do with not being able to open doors and windows, that is about it. I wouldn't go out and do extra activities in the winter even if I could, do not like cold or snow!

But it is the warmer weather, the leaves on the trees, green grass, and flowers...I love flowers, and birds...have to see my first robin to know that spring is really here...and see those geese flying north!

This is a rambling blog for sure, but I knew there were things slushing around inside of me, and the best way to feel better is to let them ooze onto a post! Yuk...

Hopefully I can get the other blogs done soon, I don't like have unfinished ones, means those thoughts are in my head, and emotions bound up inside yet.


  1. A ramble is good now and then and I know I identify with that. Not sure if the planets are against us just now- I have admitting to feeling melancholy today. Don't know where I got that from but it is the word that seems to fit.
    I have said before that I manage to get out and even had a weekend away - my children live less than 500 steps away so keep an eye on their Dad for me but things still go wrong.
    I worry more about leaving him and can only imagine your situation but I am heading there myself.
    This was not part of our life plan I am sure.
    You ramble whenever you want to - there will always be plenty of us who understand .........

  2. I have improved, since this post, thank goodness! Even though it is understandable, acceptable and even expected to go through these type of days, I do not like it at all, it interferes to much in the things I want to get done. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Denise Brown of, on Sat. I told her I actually had a difficult time doing this, because it was not part of my normal routine, it was out of my comfort (if you can call it that)zone! She said but you did it, and I said yes I did. Been a long time since I have had lunch with a friend in a restaurant! But more good times to come!