Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Even When You Dont Feel Like It - Do It Anyway By: Donna Ryan

There are days I wake up and say I just dont feel like working out - do it anyway

There are days I say I just dont feel like eating healthy-do it anyway

There are days I say I have no ambition and dont feel like getting dressed - do it anyway

There are days I say Im so overwhelmed and dont feel like doing anything - do it anyway

There are days I begin to question and dont feel like praying - do it anyway

There are days I dont feel like going out of the house - do it anyway

There are days I dont feel like talking to anyone - do it anyway

Three are days I feel like Im unappreciated and am just doing all this for nothing - do it anyway

There are days I dont feel like being cheerful or laughing - do it anyway

There are days I dont want to be disciplined and want to shop unecessarily - do it anyway

There are days I dont want to be cooperative and forgiving - do it anyway

There are days I dont want to be helpful and nice - do it anyway

Doing it makes a big difference. Positive actions each day makes a big difference. We all feel sad sometimes and just want to have a victim pity party but it is much healthier instead to try and find a healthy outlet. It is so easy feeling resentment when you are a caregiver. We are constantly taking important things away from ourselves in order to fulfill everyone elses needs. We are constantly sacrificing and we sometimes just want to throw in the towel...Dont!! We cannot be too busy to care about our feelings and our health and our lives. Doing the wrong thing has consequences also....Keep on keeping on...Keep on running your race....Take everyone elses dreams and successes and what they are or are not doing out of the equation right now. Focu each day on getting up and do it and DO IT the best way you can!!.
Its going to hurt sometimes, its going to be hard sometimes, its going to be painful sometimes, its not going to be fun sometimes, do it anyway. You will be glad you did!!


  1. Very good post!
    Doing it anyways...it all starts with getting out of bed. :)

  2. Hi Donna,
    This is a great post, and oh how true. Like you say, to keep on keeping on, and to have a positive attitude will get us through the day.
    Thanks for this great reminder!

  3. Donna I think you have answered the question you posted to me. I do it anyway. Most days I crawl downstairs knowing that I have a really busy day. I have a slow breakfast and then get ready and get to it. I am really tired sometimes and hope that I am not asked to do even a little bit extra; but if I am and I take part I enjoy it.

    Looking back to missed opportunities for me would be the worst thing to make me resentful. I am lucky that my husband can be left on his own; less than before but I do monitor that.
    So if I can say yes to someone I try not to say no. I would rather sink into bed tired and fulfilled than tired and missing out on a social life.
    Do you get respite and if so do you make the best of it? Endorphins will carry you through so much and the more you can create the better you will cope.

    Thank you for these words Donna; not everyone understands my life and I know some judge me for my extremes but I am 61 years old and I really need to live MY life to the best of my ability.

    Why am I going snow tubing?? Because I have been asked by my daughter and because I can.......

  4. Beka, Dolores and A.C., this is a post by my good friend and fellow caregiver/blogger, Donna, who has some amazing insight into our lives as a caregiver, as well as humor and inspiration. I love to be able to share her posts on my site. I am glad you enjoyed her post!

  5. This is what I exactly need this past days. The push that I need to keep going on. I am just starting to get back on my feet for several defeats I have encountered the past month. February was not my best friend.

  6. SH that is great, my friend Donna Ryan writes such great blogs, encouraging and often humorous, I love to share them with everyone!

  7. This is a great caption of life and I'm going to share this with my granddaughters who often just don't want to do it and do cause hurt feelings when we know it was their time to share themselves. I have this feeling your a great lady, and I'm sending you wonderful thoughts and prayers of strength.

    So glad I found you.

    Dorothy from grammology