Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Person Left Behind in the Shadows

“A woman's hopes are woven of sunbeams; a shadow annihilates them”  George Eliot

She may have been a dancer, a singer, a baker or cook

A seamstress, a crafter, a reader of book

A daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandma

A teacher, a nurse, an instructor of drama

Whoever she was, whatever she did

The hopes and the dreams are forever now hid

Back in the shadows, the shell now displayed

The substance, the person, dementia has slayed


  1. Hi Donna,
    First time visitor, but I'll return. I found your blog through the Reading Room.

    Your background/header of your blog are breathtakingly beautiful to me. I'm sorry for the occasion of your blog, but it's always good to connect with other caregivers.

    Your shadow picture and poem speaks volumes....very poignant.

  2. wow..very beautiful are an excellent writer Donna....

  3. Hi Delores, thanks for stopping by to read my blog. I think I started following yours last week. I don't remember where I came across it, somewhere in my wandering through the caregiver sites! This post was intended to be a lengthy one, but it just all came together in such a different fashion it worked, so this is that way it was meant to be. It does speak volumes, to me personally and I know to anyone else who is caring for someone with some type of dementia. Do stop by again! Also, please check out my other website,

  4. Thanks Donna, I appreciate that. As I wrote above, it was intended to be a lengthy post. I had the title already, saw it somewhere, found the picture, found the quote, and the first line came to me and I knew it was going to be a rhyme. Bitter sweet are the rhymes, I don't think I will call them poems anymore, poems are really meant to bring good and positive feelings, a rhyme like this, really doesn't do that. Reality as always, wish sometimes I could fib a bit on how I feel and what I deal with, but that would not help anyone now would it?

  5. Thank you Karen, hope you are having a good day with mom.