Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On Being Savvy....

My husband and I were talking yesterday about how he had to come up with some "tricks" to get mom to eat Monday night. He was interacting with her and her teddy bear, "bear buddy".  Usually mom resists being fed by anyone but me, so he is as he calls it, becoming "savvy" at how to deal with her.  He comes up with ideas that basically distract her from the fact that it is he who is feeding her and not me, and she eats. 

A week ago when I went to church, he fed her breakfast, well the same scenario was taking place, she was not going to eat for him.  So, he brought our youngest grandson in the room and he sat in her wheelchair and on her bed and talked with her.  She smiled and smiled at him (can't help but do that, he is the Trent!).  So, she was quite distracted by him and Gary was able to get her to eat her food.  I am quite pleased he has become "savvy", it is much better then becoming frustrated with the situation when she refuses to eat and it becomes a successful meal time!

Sly as a fox, wise as an owl!


  1. Having someone else feed mom is one of my favorite things. I have to do it so often that when my sister comes I give her all the feeding duties. It is just another littled excape from our world of caregiving. I think your husband needs a big hug and Trent too. :)

  2. Sorry Karen, I overlooked your comment! I totally get that you like someone else to feed your mom. It is most definately a break for us. I have been feeding mom for over a year now, although it is pretty much just twice a day now, and much less food then I use to be able to feed her. But it is good to have someone else take that task once a week or so!