Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The - Negativity - of Being - Negative -

I have been aware lately that it seems that everything I write concerning my days or experiences have such a negative attitude about them and it concerns me.  I don't want to bring other caregivers down but encourage and lift them up.  I feel like I am in this rut.  I was going to say "for some reason", but there are many reasons that I am fighting with negative thoughts and feelings.  First of course is taking care of mom and all that goes along with that, which is to much to mention here!  Next would be my son going back to Iraq on Friday for his 3rd tour, I am having a hard time with it which is really not normal for me.  My husband is going back to see his mom in WVa this week and will be gone for almost a week.  I think I need a positive happy moment to show up like soon!  Does that make sense to anyone?  I'm sure it does.  Anyone have any positive happy ideas?


  1. First of all , god bless your son and thank him for me...I cannot imagine how that must feel for must have so much pride but at the same time worry. God bless him as well as your family. That being sad, you are not negative at all, you are sincere and realistic and are telling us all the truth. In order to be helped we need to hear truth and knowledge is power and Im learning so much from you!!I find listening to others problems helps me feel happy. I guess its always more fun to solve someone elses problem than my own...get on the website and read...and continue to know your helping so many others....I wish you a few days filled with things that go a little bit easier and some sunshine. There are many definitons of friend as far as Im concerned. Im finding you to be a very dear one along with your words and story. I find my books my friends, there is power in words that can comfort...I have been into an author named deborah bedord..she writes novels but they are inspirational at the same time...perhaps you can pick one up at the library.!!..Stay well, and if you need a good laugh listen to me talk on Saturday and can hear my new york accent lol lol lol...
    i hope my laughter brightened a small part of your day because your stories inspire me.....

  2. I pray for your sons safe return soon. And tell him god bless and thanks from all of us.
    I can't give you any ideas how to get in a better mood. I have been crying,eating ,crying and more eating all day. So I am no help to anyone. We just need to get away for our moms for about a week I think. Good luck and may tomorrow be a better one for both us.

  3. Donna, heard from Daniel last night, he is not going to be deployed for a couple months. He has to go to Texas for officers school, then deployed after that. So a reprieve for a bit. His wife can fly to Texas at least to spend some time with him while he is there. I am glad you consider me a good friend as I don't really have anyone other then those I "speak" to on here. lol and my husband and I love the New York accent! I don't know if I can listen live, because explorer kicks me off the blogtalkradio site when I try to listen! But I will listen afterwards for sure!

    Karen, we need a big pot of mac and cheese! Well, last night I had a big dish of spaghetti instead! I made it through, it helped to know my son wasn't going to Iraq today, husband is on his way to WV now. Today is a better day, I will keep busy, and youngest grandson will be over later and spend most of the weekend with me, and of course there is mom.....
    Hope you are having a better day today!

  4. Caring for an aging parent or husband, or anyone! is an exhausting, draining and continuously demanding situation. As mothers and daughters we care and care deeply for those we love. It has been two years since my mother's passing and I am still recovering, largely because I went it alone - I didn't know there were other people out there going through the same thing. I have put together a collection of my writings during that period of time so that others will not feel as alone as I. You might enjoy reading it.

    That being said, I think blogging and talking about your challenges, even your negativity, can be cathartic and help you get through the difficult times. There are no easy answers and no doubt you know the caretaker must find time to take care of herself, much like a mother of small children benefits from a day out alone. One additional stress is age when caring for a parent - we're no longer young! and stress takes its toll.

    Getting outside in the sun always lifted my spirits - and still does - as does walking. But finding time to escape the demands is the best reprieve of all.

    You will find info about my book on my blog. It's available in ebook with photos and paperback without. I look forward to following your blog! Thanks for sharing your journey.