Thursday, January 14, 2010

Second Wind, by Vicky

Post by Vicky,

Monday, January 11, 2010
Second Wind
I went to my daughter's church last summer. The pastor taught about getting a second wind. He defined a second wind as an increased energy and strength after feeling tired and week. He said that God gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. He went on to say that sometimes God lets us rest. While we rest, we reflect and we worship Him. He lets us rest because what He has for us to do next will take all of our strength.
Before I got my mom from the nursing home I was rested. This is my second wind. I was feeling weary but I will not complain (anymore). The Lord is good to me, and he will give me strength. I know that I can take care of my mom. I am going to make it because I have made it in the past. Praise be to God!


  1. Looks like we are in the same boat. Sometimes I want to take mom to a home but the past times She as had to visit one when we got her back she was in bad shape. I think. I know if she was in one now or if I put her in one years ago she would be gone now. Prayers and good luck.

  2. I worked in nursing homes years ago, and I have seen how some of the patient's are taken care of, or not taken care of. Not all are that way, but I would never chance it with mom. We decided years ago, she would never go to a home, we would look after her. We didn't know just what all we would be facing and it has been alot, but we still made the right decision to keep her in her home and take care of her. I agree with you, if mom had been put in a home several years ago, she would not be here anymore either.