Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've got to go home to my mama

12-27-09      ..........?       I just haven't come up with a response to this statement mom made......


  1. Reading this and your earlier "Coal and Jewel" post, I am reminded of comments my grandfather made when he was under my mother's care. He mentioned going home, and mom reminded him that he was at her home and was unable to go to his home. He said, "Not my house, I want to go HOME." Mom told him he was free to go whenever he felt he was ready. Whether he was talking of his death or ranting that he wanted to be elsewhere, her remark was a safe one. Around that same time, he began talking to people that mom could not see, looking beyond mom and seeing my deceased grandmother, and hearing other noises that were not perceived by others. He spoke of a young girl in white, an angel, and other apparitions. Mom would be upstairs and hear him talking from his bed downstairs. I purchased a baby monitor in hopes of helping her from going up and down the stairs to check on him. Hearing him talk, and picking up a second voice on the monitor, disturbed my parents to the point they decided to turn it off. They weren't hearing interference - it was definately conversational exchange. There's no way to prove this, and there's no way to say that it is the same for everyone, yet the same stories can be heard from others who have been in the presence of the dying.
    Your mother's time on this earth is coming to an end and your care makes her transition easier. You can be proud that she is sharing her journey with you.

  2. I have asked mom at different times is she has "ssen something", when she was staring at a certain area in her room and seemed somewhat agitated, but she never confirmed that she did. In Nov. of 08, due to an illness, all her meds got out of her system and we saw the real effects of the dementia on her. She was talking all night about anything and everthing and to anyone in the was interesting, I could hear her over the monitor too. Once the meds got into her system again, she was back to "normal". I have heard of individuals sseing and talking to loved ones or angels before they pass, and I totally believe that. Thanks for sharing that, it is important and comforting. Would be something special to check into, and write about too.