Sunday, December 27, 2009

Coal and Jewel

The Jewel....A Rare and Priceless Moment
As I was trying to slide mom over in the bed, it took a few attempts to get her in the position I wanted her in, I said to mom, "I did it, I did it"!  She smiled and patted me on the tummy, "Well, good for you"!  I said, "You're just an ole sack of tatos, are you a sack of tatos"?  She chuckled,  blue eyes twinkling as she shook her head in agreement. 

The Coal....A Sad Moment
As I was feeding mom earlier, she was whiny somewhat wiggly, and said, "I want to go home"!  I explained she was home, this was her house, her room and her bed.  She just looked at me like what are you talking about?  A few minutes later she said, "I've got to go home to my mama"!  Now that was a statement she had not made before.  I had a moment, which actually I am still having because I am not sure how to react to the statement or where to file it in my thinking.


  1. Thank you so much,Donna,for commenting(and following!) my blog.It's so good to know I am not alone! God Bless you and have a great New Year!

  2. Thank you Judy, and the same to you as well! I will continue to follow your blog too!