Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Gifts in Unexpected Places!

Well, Christmas gifts came in a much unexpected form this year!  I had entered the Holiday Progressive blog contest earlier this month.  It was a way to get to know other caregiver bloggers and also to get my blog site known.  Denise Brown, the founder of asked me and Delores(another caregiver blogger), to be guests on her blogtalkradio show the last day of the contest.  What fun was that?!  That was a first for me, interviewed on talk radio!  I enjoyed talking with Denise about some of my experiences, and blogs I have written.  Then, last week I received an email from Denise telling me I had won the Grand Prize for the contest!  I have 3 sessions with Denise coming a value of $225.00!  Already have my discussion questions written down!  Interesting Dec. full of surprises!

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