Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Caregiving is Easier With Faith?

Several months ago I was sharing some of the things I deal with in  caring for mom.  The person I was talking with, said, "Well, at least  you have the Lord in  your life, that makes it easier!"  I immediately answered with, "No, it doesn't."  I know and will state, that without the Lord, I would have never been able to handle these past years as mom's caregiver.  It is He that I can run to for help, He is a very present help in time of need.  He is my Strong Tower, the Shelter from the storm.  He is my peace, and my strength.  However, I am flesh and blood.  I make mistakes, I hurt, I grow weary, I despair, I get depressed, I get angry, I get frustrated.  I have experienced all areas of emotions possible, and I think sometimes some that are not!  But because of Him, I can face tomorrow...again and again. 


  1. There most definately is power in prayer. I believe God does have his plan for each of us and even when we dont feel it he is watching over us. He however cant solve all of our problems and emotions for us. He gives us the opportunity to make our own choices as well. Donna, you feel emotional due to love, you are human, you will tire. These are all normal things that unfortunately God cannot prevent happening. These are all the lessons he sends us to learn to serve him better. Not everything down here is supposed to make sense I suppose. You just keep your faith!!....God is watching you and has your scorecard...!! You definately have high scores!!

  2. To give a brief summary of part of the plan:
    1. About 20 years ago, we helped mom purchase this house,right next door to us, so we could help her and keep an eye on her as she was getting older.
    2. As the years progressed, she needed that watchful eye and care on a regular and consistant basis.
    3. In 2005, we had a fire and had to move in with mom, as the only place we could go, and she needed someone living with her at that point too.
    4. I became her fulltime caregiver from then on, and we still live with her as long as she is with us.
    Now God did not cause the fire, but He knew the events to come and what mom was going to need, and made sure the scene was set and the players in place! Sounds like a Plan?