Friday, November 6, 2009

The Whining


A new stage in mom’s behavior….whining, when you touch her, move her, or she wants something, or she is in some kind of discomfort. It is hard to figure out and guaranteed to annoy at times!

I asked her, yesterday, are you hurting…no….are you in pain when I move you….no….then why are you making those noises??? Not expecting a reply from her, she says, “I don’t want to be messed with.” ……… ok, that was one of those excuse me what did you say moments, except I doubt that she would be able to repeat it if I asked her to!

It was the chuckle of the day and helps to make light of the annoyance that the whining was causing, at least yesterday!

OMG!  Whine! whine! whine!  Sometimes it is absoultely maddening.  She is sitting in the front room in front of the tv and is non-stop whining!  She probably wants to go to bed, but this is the only time of day she is up for a little while.  Somedays she is quiet, and others she is like she is today, non-stop whining!  Feel like blasting some music or something!  But I won't.....

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