Friday, November 6, 2009

When Mom Stops By

The days that mom stops by for a visit, she is treated like a guest. Served a breakfast of eggs, toast a banana and juice. Entertained by a variety of TV. Shows and maybe a good movie she watches more then she listens. Visuals are more important these days. At lunch time she has a light meal, never a big lunch. She often stays for supper, I prepare a special dinner just for her. A piece of cake or some ice cream rounds it all out. You sure get treated good here, she will sometime say.

At some point she will say, “Well, it’s about time I be getting back.” Back where, I will ask her. The answer will vary, well to the old house next door, (that’s where I lived and mom lived for many years, and the house burned in 2005. Or, it’s the other place, but she doesn’t know where it is. Or, the family will be coming to get me, or who will bring me home?

Obviously, mom did not come to visit. It is one of the days we dealt with in the life of mom. I have to remind her, mom, this is your home and you have lived here almost 20 years. The house next door, had a fire and we had to move in here with you and now we take care of you. She will shake her head, look down a bit, knowing she isn’t remembering some important things, and not understanding why. But sometimes she will say, “I’m just getting old and I forget some things.” I’ll say to her, who told you you were getting old? They are lying! We’d chuckle and off she’d go to get ready for bed. It was a nice days visit with the family.

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