Friday, November 6, 2009

What a Difference a Year Makes


Last year mom was walking with a walker, needed some help on and off a chair or couch, was able to feed herself and drink from a cup or with a straw. She could dress and undress herself with minimal assistance, and toilet herself, with minimal assistance. This year, she is total care. The decline came in stages but were quick and sometimes chunks of her independence were just eliminated at one time, it just shook the household some days!

When mom went on hospice care this spring, was after a chunk of these things were going on, and to top it off she was getting bedsores! It just through me in the pit! I was just overwhelmed and overtaken by it all....called her Dr. and said I don't know if she will even be here when you come for her next visit! He set up the hospice for her, which eased things a bit, gives you the security of knowing there is 24/7 help whenever you need it.

I was able to get the sores healed up quickly, and with her air mattress and electric bed, there have been no more sores!

There have been changes since this spring, changes since summer, as I write this it is now Nov., day before Thanksgiving. Even though mom has quite a bit of comprehension, when she is not under the influence of her meds, holidays mean nothing to her. Nothing means anything to her really, other then being comfortable and sleeping when she needs to.

I know there will be more changes to come, accepting that is what is always difficult for me, but I am working on it.


Update - and again, more changes, eating decreased somtimes food is refused, dealing with keeping pressure sores from developing on her heels. Her over all personna has changed. She can't stay up as long as she used to and sometimes I can only get her up once a day. Time is ticking.......


  1. Life most definately is fragile and can change in a blink of an eye. You are a remarkable daughter, you truly are. As I have stated, my Mom is still doing well for almost 91 (she turns 91 Jan 3) I live in Queens New York, the rest of my family lives in Atlanta Georgia and I decided to take Mom down there on New Years day. Because life is so precious I felt she should celebrate this milestone with her other daughter and her grandchildren and great grandchildren and have get togethers as often as possible as there will come a day when we no longer will be able to do this. Things change so quickly with the elderly. This post confirmed this to me. Your mother is very blessed to have you...

  2. Donna, I know you are having a wonderful time in GA with your mom and family (because of facebook posts lol). My husband is on his way back from visiting his mom in WVa. She is going to be 90 next month and he hadn't been able to get down there for a number of years. She is showing the early signs of dementia so it was important for him to go now because the stages can advance quickly for some, like you stated as well.