Friday, November 6, 2009

Not Amusing.....


Trying to think of something amusing in addressing this subject matter….hhmmm, nope it’s not coming yet. The subject is what to do and say to mom when she says “I have to go potty”, or “I have to use the bathroom”.

Now this doesn’t occur often where she makes these statements, acknowledging her awareness of the need to go, but when it does, it is almost hearts breaking….I have tried to answer in various ways, none which I am happy with and I don’t know how in her mind she receives the information! I have said, ok, I have to get you up first.

This is usually when I am getting her up either in the a.m. or in the afternoon. By the time I am done, the need has already been “eliminated”. She hasn’t used the bathroom for a long time now, and no longer can be placed on the potty. She is total diaper and has been for months. I told her one time there was another way to take care of her potty needs; she asked me what it was!

I showed her the special pants, and said they take care of it, and then I do the rest! How do you tell your mother it is ok to go to the bathroom in her pants! I just can’t wrap my mind around that yet I have basically said that! What else can I do? It is sad, she has some idea of her bodily functions but no control as to how, when or where she goes. Sad.


What I do now when she says she has to go is, basically I tell her I have to get her ready to get up first....then I will take the time I am ready to get her up she will have already done what she has to do, and I will do what I need to...

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