Friday, November 6, 2009

Mom, The Can Do Kid

When mom would be on the couch, it would be quite a task for her to get up off of it. Pushing up with her arms, trying to straighten her legs while her butt is up in the air and her head is pointed downward...interesting picture that paints! It was a task to get everything in the proper position and propel herself forward and upward! Once she finally got hold of her walker, and came to a stand, she would look at us and say with an voice of victory, "I did it!" or "The old lady can still do it"!

There were times when she would try over and over again to get up. Attitude and determination would play major roles in her ability to be successful. If she gets wimpy and whiny and says, "I can't do it!" she won't be able to. Then we would tell her, "Yes you can do it, you tell yourself you can do it, tell yourself to get up and you will get up!" She would start telling herself, "Get up, get up!" Very shortly she would be up off the couch and on her way!

It was the I give up, I quit thinking that would stop her from getting up or doing the things that she could actually do. Even at her age at that time, of almost 93, positive self talk would help her to do it.

Mom had always been a stubborn, strong willed and determined person, so I wouldn't let her quit or wimp out on herself. Even though she looked frail, she was still strong. It was keeping that positive force at work in her mind that kept her able to do as much for herself as long as she could.

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