Friday, November 6, 2009

It's All in a Look and a Touch

Forgiveness, Love, Compassion 3-26-09
A difficult day, frustrating, trying to get mom to do some of the things she had always done....not wanting to see the 'signs' that she was taking another turn, going through more changes....not accepting what was so evident right in front of me. Like a light bulb moment, only this time it was the bulb shattering and cutting into my soul. I layed her on her bed as the moment was sinking in. I looked at her, she seemed to be in some distress, I asked her if she was ok, was she hurting.....she couldn't articulate at that moment...but she looked at me, deep into my eyes, reached up and patted my face....never did that that look with that touch of her mother hand....she said, "It is ok, I know how hard this is for you....I forgive you for the mistakes, and I love you....." I was shattered, and glued together in that brief moment. Nothing more to say....


  1. I loved this post. I took care of my aunt in 2006. she passed away of leukemia and I was in the hospital with her day and night but two nights before she passed she just kept rubbing my head and when I told her not to worry about me she said I must worry my pretty girl...I still feel that touch to this day. she was my joy. this title is so true...its all in a touch.

  2. Monday night we got back home from our 5 day trip to TN. I went in a bit later in the evening checking her covers, it woke her and she pulled her arm out from under the covers and reached out to me, I took her hand and she said, "I don't know who you are." (the light was dim in there) I said, "It's Donna, your daughter. I know you have had lots of people here you really didn't know while I was gone, but I'm back now." She said, "Well you better be back!" lol Sigh...she is changing again...I'll cover that maybe next week....