Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Encouraging Words


Mom's Dr. called today to give me the results of her last blood work, and it was great!
I am always concerned that she is getting enough nutrition. What is enough for her? There is really no way to determine that. I don’t want to have her malnourished because I am not feeding her enough. It is not easy to get much food into her, and at her age and in her condition I have no guidelines as to what enough is! So, I rely on those blood tests to tell me how she is doing, and is she getting enough nourishment.

The Dr. said I am doing a great job. It is not about a pat on the back and it is not about striving to keep her alive till she is 100, but it is my responsibility to do the best job I can as long as I can, to give her the best quality of life I can.

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