Friday, November 6, 2009

Brownish Stuff, Greenish Stuff

Brownish - greenish stuff, casserole types, mixed together types meats, particularly beef, but also some ground turkey dishes, chop suey dishes with beef and brown sauce, pasta dishes, rice dishes, fish, unless finely chopped, most legume dishes, ham, unless finely chopped....these were not a few of mom's favorite things!

It was a frustrating first year trying to find meals that she could or would eat. They had to have the right texture for her to chew. She practically liquified everything she ate! It would take her at least 2 hours to eat a meal. I'd tell her that her first bite would be digested before she got to her second bite!

Her meals had to have some visual appeal, colors were important. Taste and smell did not matter, she hadn't been able to do either for years. It was all about texture and color. She may have some sensation towards spices, as well as salt and sugar, but you can't give an elderly person spicy food, it will make them cough or choke.

I had spent hours trying to come up with simple meals for mom, that she could chew and that would be nutritious and colorful. I searched books and websites for recipes, created a few of my own as well. Nothing ever fit all the 'rules' but I did the best I could to feed her well.
I got to the place where instead of always trying to find different meals, that I would list the foods she could eat and make menus consisting of these foods, keeping things as simple as I could, yet still giving her good food.
I had tried asking a few 'famous' people who I thought could assist with my quest for recipes for mom, never any response. It really came down to this, I had all the knowledge I needed as to what to cook and how to cook it for mom, I was trying to make it harder then it really was!
Dogtrail.....most of the time when mom was up, she would sit on the couch. I would put an extra cushion under the spot where she sits, elevating her would make it easier for her to get up and down. Problem with this was that she would get an attitude and decide to get up and take off without her walker, holding onto furniture as she made her way to wherever she was headed. Her walker was usually close by, which would get her fired up and start charging for it, well ok, moving towards it in a slowly brisk manner! That was not a safe thing for her to do, so we would have to put her walker out of touch and out of visual range to keep her safe from herself!

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