Friday, November 6, 2009

Acceptance of Change

Accepting what I cannot change, changing the things I can, and accepting the changes quicker, things would go a bit easier if I would do that, both for mom and for me!

As the dementia progressed and caused physical changes as well as the mental, I kept holding on to the way it was rather than accepting the how it is now. So, frustration would take over all to often, until I finally got to that point of ‘it is what it is’.

Once I accept that she can't do what she used to, and make the necessary adjustments in her care, things go smoother, for everyone.

As I said to my husband, acceptance of change means reaching into another pocket of my ‘caregiver coat’ pulling out it's contents and seeing what is next.


  1. wow...great way of looking at a big believer that when your way is rough its the opportunity to grow patience. as we grow patience I believe we also build maturity. it sounds to me like you are so incredibly patient and enourmously mature. It is an emotional journey for have the patience to realise take it one moment and change at a time!

  2. I would consider myself to be patiently impatient and childishly mature? I can barely list all the facets of emotions and reactions I have gone through these past years, they span the spectrum for sure!